Walk-A-Mile Campaign Awarded Fort Fund Grant

Green Communications Initiative was this week awarded a grant from the prestigious Dr. Joel and Maria Fort Fund.  The grant is earmarked for the purpose of outreach on its Walk-A-Mile Campaign.  

The Fort Fund, based on the principles of the Greek philosopher Diogenes, is in the words of founder Dr. Joel Fort dedicated to "The greatest power we have...the power to do good...".  The grant to GCI's Walk-A-Mile will assist the organization in its efforts to reach a wider audience concerning the importance alternate means of transportation, especially physically active ones such as walking, etc., for short distance commutes of less than or equal to one mile.  The funds will be utilized for social media and educational outreach.  Data collected from grant outreach will be analyzed to determine future outreach strategies for increased efficiency and ongoing success.

GCI is honored for the bestowal of the award and offers its deepest gratitude to the Dr. Joel and Maria Fort Fund.

- See more at:   Dr. Joel and Maria Fort Fund