GCI at the Mar Vista Farmer’s Market Green Tent

Join us this Sunday, June 15th, as we introduce our Walk-A-Mile Campaign at the Mar Vista Farmer’s Market Green Tent!  Environmentally themed games for kids, face-painting, and well-known local artist Ralph Guthrie will demonstrate how to turn plastic trash into fine art.  Visitors who take the pledge to Walk-A-Mile are automatically eligible to submit selfies for prizes in the Best Walk-A-Mile Photo Contest!

GCI at Mar Vista Farmer's Market

Consumers are always on the lookout for concrete and simple ways to positively impact our environment.  GCI’s ConsumeLESS Makeovers, a reinterpretration of the advertising staple where the Plain Jane  {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}   is transformed into the glamorous    {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}   are conceived as a series of campaigns, each one addressing a specific area of human overconsumption.  Campaigns will include such hot-button consumer issues as single-use plastic and plastic packing, overuse of water, clean oceans, alternative energy/fossil fuel dependence, energy conservation, car culture, water conservation and biodiversity.   In each case, the focus is on what we, as consumers, can do to affect a positive outcome on the issue and to shift the tide of human overconsumption.


In order for true environmental change human material consumption must be reduced on a scale massive enough to represent a tipping point.  Communication is a process that by definition involves sharing.  At the root of communication is a community.  Together we must take the initiative to protect and preserve the health of our miraculous blue and green planet.


Walk-A-Mile Campaign


First in our series of ConsumeLESS Makeovers is the GCI Walk-A-Mile Campaign.  It’s simple:  participants pledge to walk/bike/skateboard/hula hoop any errand or commute less than or equal to 1 mile.  The obvious benefits – better health, exercise, weight loss, more time with friends, family, dog – add to the potential for $$ savings in lowered fuel costs and support for local business and community.  Most important, it’s a simple, feel good way to make a positive impact our environment.  Those whose health or other concerns prohibit walking are encouraged to take public transportation.


Statistics indicate that the overwhelming majority of American commutes are short distance. A whopping 30% are between 1-5 miles.  If we can Walk-A-Mile to reduce this figure, we can have a tremendous impact on the successful reduction of carbon in our atmosphere and ultimately, the effects of climate change.


Take the Walk-A-Mile Pledge 

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