If it makes sense just walk/bike/skateboard/hula hoop any local errand or short commute.  If health or other concerns prohibit walking, try public transportation!

We've been in our cars so long we've forgotten that it's only a 5-7 minute walk for every  1/4-1/3 mile.  It's only 15-20 minutes to walk a mile.

car culture BRAIN

OMG! We're out of milk!  Let me hurry to the garage, take out the car, DRIVE A QUARTER MILE to the store (not to mention the traffic, the parking, the lines). Ugh. I'm so stressed out.


We're out of milk.  It's only a FIVE MINUTE WALK to the store. On the way I can check out that hipster no-water garden I heard the neighbors installed. And the new art supply store that just opened up.  And hey!  Might as well bring the dog! I'LL LOSE THAT 5 POUNDS!  How fun is this!?!

Improving the walkability of a city is proven to benefit not only its environmental and economic health, but also the physical health of its residents. 

Statistics indicate that the overwhelming majority of American commutes are short distance. A whopping 30% are between 1-5 miles.    If we can WalkIt! to reduce this figure, we can have a tremendous impact on the successful reduction of carbon in our atmosphere and ultimately, the effects of climate change.


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