GCI is a member run cooperative of former creative and marketing professionals passionate about the preservation of our environment.  We are committed to providing a platform for consumers to consume more responsibly, smarter, sustainably and…yes…less.

Our offices are located in Los Angeles. We invite you to meet our Team.

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg


Lenore French is the founding member of Green Communications Initiative.  

A former television executive, Lenore worked with many well-known figures in broadcast media, including award-winning television programs at Paramount Studios, best-selling author Alex Haley, and producers Norman Lear, David Wolper and Sam Goldwyn Jr.

Lenore believes that Communication is key to a solution to the problem of human over-consumption, and GCI is an integral part of her vision for our collective blue and green future.


Richard Hecht is an artist, musician, and actor who recently moved to L.A. from NYC with his wife Amy. Together they founded Dreameco Crafts, a company dedicated to a greener planet.

Richard brings a passion to GCI for helping our community, and others like it, to understand the importance for focusing on less consumption, and less waste, to ensure a brighter and healthier future for all of us.



Amy Bauer is an artist, designer and seamstress who recently moved to L.A. from NYC with her husband Richard.Amy brings a passion to GCI for educating others on consumer awareness through reuse and upcycling to ensure a healthy planet for all animals.  Click here for more information about Amy's art.



Erik Charlot is a visual designer, with a keen interest in cultural anthropology through the use of various mediums including photography, graphic design and industrial design. In terms of sustainable lifestyles, mobility is his main passion as he’s dedicated to the education of others about the freedom and accessibility through the use of bicycles, walking and subways

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku


From the Gare de Lyon in Paris to the jungle of Cameroon, Riad Abdel-Gawad has performed his music around the globe. Riad sound designs music for television, film and radio. He has received awards for his compositions from ASCAP, BMI, Harvard University, and the Los Angeles Music Awards.

Riad brings his talents and passion to GCI, “to contribute to the common good of the earth and of humanity.”

Riad’s music

Photo Credit:  dimnikolov


Marina DeBris is an environmental artist.  Marina collects trash as it rolls onto the shores of Marina del Rey, California, and turns it into Trash Couture, art photography and miniatures with a message. 

Marina has an extensive career as an art and graphic designer, spanning more than three decades working for clients in New York, London and Sydney.  But Marina's interest in the intersection of art and the environment has been a constant. 

Marina is committed to Green Communications Initiative to continue her passion.

You can check out Marina