At GCI we feel that people should define for themselves what it will mean now and through the 21st century to consume responsibly. 

If earth’s climate warming is directly linked to increased levels of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and halocarbons, humans need to burn less fossil fuel, consume less plastic, produce less cement, cut down fewer and replant trees, eat less meat, grow less rice, use less nitrogen-based fertilizer, create fewer landfills, and refrigerate less with chloro-fluorocarbons.

At GCI we propose to nurture creative dialogue among all stakeholders with inspiring grass roots consumer initiatives and by forging public-private sector partnerships.


The purpose of the Grass Roots Initiative is to allow consumers to determine for themselves what it means to consume responsibly. Make your voice heard.  Help us to understand what you think are the effects of human overconsumption on our environment.  Let us know what it means to you to consume less.  Visit Us On Facebook, Google+, Pinterest or Twitter and share your thoughts.  We have some questions.  We believe you have the answers.  We look forward to receiving your comments in response to our posts, pins and tweets about the relationship between the environment and responsible consumption.

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