Green Communications Initiative (GCI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public benefit corporation devoted to inspiring people to consume responsibly. In order for true environmental change human material consumption must be reduced on a scale massive enough to represent a tipping point.  This is a communication inspired from the consumer grass roots upward  -- to the point at the top where producers and government intersect and production, policies and consumption change.  

Communication is a process that by definition involves sharing.  The Latin root of the word comes from communicare, to share.  Also at the root of communication is a community.  Together we must take the initiative to protect and preserve the health of our miraculous Earth.

Our Initiatives


Our mission is to inspire people to consume responsibly. Communicating through arts, media, culture and education we’re committed to actively benefit our environment.  By supporting positive consumer behaviors and encouraging necessary change we sustain the health and wellbeing of our blue and green planet.


GCI: Communication is key to a green solution

“Youʼre either part of the solution or youʼre part of the problem”  from a speech by Eldridge Cleaver, as he paraphrased it from Charles Rosnerʼs 1967 VISTA Program recruitment slogan.