Yesterday, the landscape of Mar Vista was dominated by lima bean fields like those featured on the booklet cover.  This year, in honor of Earth Day, the environmentally-conscious neighborhood of Mar Vista in Los Angeles, California celebrated its' Seventh Annual Green Garden Showcase of sustainable gardens.

Here’s a fun way to support Mar Vista's green efforts: take the WalkIt! Historical Tour.

Look for the addresses listed in the printable booklet for a magical mystery tour of Mar Vista’s historic past.  There’s mayhem, scandal, inspiration, champion sports figures and pure, unadulterated entertainment!    While you're at it, admire the many sustainable, drought-resistant gardens in this environmentally conscious neighborhood!  

Almost one in every four gardens in Mar Vista is today low- or no-water and sustainable. A short trip back in time reveals 1950s post-war development and the sort of suburban sprawl dominated by the water-thirsty grass lawns then fashionable.  A further jump back in time uncovers a dusty backwater primarily devoted to agriculture – a feature that dominated the area from Spanish colonial times through the turn of the twentieth century. 

Mar Vista’s current turn of events actually harkens back to its pre-colonial ancestors.  Before Europeans came to this area, the land was lush with California natives such as the beautiful agave, verbena, and aloe returned to the many green gardens in the neighborhood today, many thanks to the harmonious respect for the land of the indigenous Tongva First People. 

Fitting reason to take this WalkIt! tour and to admire Mar Vista’s history with the beautiful and earth-kind gardens it showcases today.

The information in this booklet is generously provided by Mark Crawford of the Mar Vista Historical Society.