At GCI, we feel that consumers should define, for themselves, what it will mean now and throughout the 21st century, to consume less

If earth’s climate warming is directly linked to increased levels of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and halocarbons, humans need to burn less fossil fuel, produce less cement, cut down less trees, eat less meat, grow less rice, use less nitrogen-based fertilizer, create fewer landfills, and refrigerate less with chloro-fluorocarbons.

We've already defined the need for creative communications among stakeholders.  At GCI we propose to nurture this creative dialogue on two fronts:  (1) a grass roots consumer initiative and (2) based upon the results of the grass roots initiative, a public-private sector partnership through the certifiable adGreen.

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What can you do?  Make your voice heard.  Help us to understand what you think are the effects of human consumption on our environment.  At GCI, we believe that this is a determination consumers must make for themselves.  Visit Us On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest and share your thoughts.  We have questions.  You have the answers.  

ConsumeLESS Makeovers

Consumers are always on the lookout for concrete and simple ways to positively impact our environment.  GCI’s ConsumeLESS Makeovers, a reinterpretration of the advertising staple where the Plain Jane BEFORE is transformed into the glamorous AFTER are conceived as a series of campaigns, each one addressing a specific area of human overconsumption.  Campaigns will include such hot-button consumer issues as single-use plastic and plastic packing, overuse of water, clean oceans, alternative energy/fossil fuel dependence, energy conservation, car culture, water conservation and biodiversity.   In each case, the focus is on what we, as consumers, can do to affect a positive outcome on the issue and to shift the tide of human overconsumption.

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Walk-A-Mile Campaign

 First in our series of ConsumeLESS Makeovers is the GCI Walk-A-Mile Campaign.  It’s simple:  participants pledge to walk/bike/skateboard/hula hoop any errand or commute </= 1 mile.  The obvious benefits – better health, exercise, weight loss, more time with friends, family, dog – add to the potential for $$ savings in lowered fuel costs and support for local business and community.  Most important, it’s a simple, feel good way to make a positive impact our environment.  Those whose health or other concerns prohibit walking are encouraged to take public transportation.

 Statistics indicate that the overwhelming majority of American commutes are short distance. A whopping 30% are between 1-5 miles.  If we can Walk-A-Mile to reduce this figure, we can have a tremendous impact on the successful reduction of carbon in our atmosphere and ultimately, the effects of climate change.

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THE adGreen

The GCI mission is to give voice to consumer environmental concerns and to take action that allows consumers to consume less.  Using consumer data mined from the Grass Roots Initiative, GCI proposes to create a new, hybrid form of interstitial communication, the adGreen.  This is a public-private partnership in which data-based consumer ideas about consuming less, government based tax rebates and credits for green products, and the green products themselves all work in concert to reduce human consumption. 

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